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Track multiple projects effortlesly

See what's going on in your projects in just few clicks.
Share files and messages, assign to-do's and more.

Share project files

Follow communication

Track and assign to-do items

Record project time

Upload files to project folders and make them instantly available to everbody in the team. Need to notify someone via email? No problem - just type your comment and pick recipients. Need to make the file availalable to the world? Just mark it as public. Each project is equipped with it's own messaging system so you can easily join and follow the communication. Plus, you can use standard email to get notified about new messages and reply to them directly. Quickly assign tasks to your team members and send them notifications. Mark items as important to visually separate them from other items. Record time entries in just few clicks. Connect entries with to-do items or just describe them as you wish. Filter to see your entries only, or entries of particular persons.

Switch betwen projects
with one click

You are always just one click away from that next project you're working on - just pick it from the list under Jetfolders logo. And the best part? You will be always looking at the project area you selected, so if you want to review messages accross projects, just select Messages tab then move from project to project.

View information from
multiple projects simultaneously

Want to see messages, files, to-do items or time entries from multiple projects? No problem - just select the projects you're interested in and Jetfolders will include them in the list. Great for birds-eye view of tasks or for browsing files.

See all notifications
in one place

Don't like email notifications? No problem. JetFolders makes it easy to see what happened while you were away - just click message box next to your user name. As seen on Facebook.